Purdue Fire Department Testing Robots

The Purdue (IN) Fire Department is working with Purdue’s School of Technology to test out what is best explained as a drone that doesn’t fly, reports wlfi.com.

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It’s an indestructible robot with a camera and a light that allows firefighters to examine a fire situation without ever entering the building.

If necessary, firefighters can throw the device through a window and manually control the robot to examine the room. It’s useful in many situations but so far, firefighters say these little bots are best used when checking a room for any type of dangerous chemicals or hot spots.

The camera has a record feature so investigators can look back on the footage for more information. They’re also using the bots for training. Purdue students are able to take the information provided from real-world fire situations, and use it for further research and development.

Purdue Fire Capt. Kent Sales said the idea is to get information quickly, without putting firefighters in danger.

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