‘Must Have’ Accessory Added to RAMFAN EX50Li Battery Powered Fan Ecosystem

RAMFAN Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger

RAMFAN, the world leading brand in portable ventilation systems for dangerous environments, announces the launch of the new RAMFAN Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger, which charges up to two RAMFAN 40V, 6Ah Li-Ion battery packs simultaneously on the fire apparatus or at the fire station.

The RAMFAN EX50Li is the only battery powered fan available with hot swappable battery packs. With the addition of the external battery charger to the EX50Li ecosystem of accessories, firefighters can replace depleted battery packs on the RAMFAN EX50Li, while running, with fully charged battery packs from the battery charger to keep the FlowPath™ going without interruption.

“Having zero downtime is mission critical for most fire departments.” said Zach Allen, Euramco Group’s VP Sales and Operations, “The rapid charge time of the RAMFAN EX50Li onboard charger with the Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger insures the equipment will always be ready for first responders.”

The latest accessory to the RAMFAN EX50Li is available in both AC and DC models. The sought after item be ordered separately or as part of the RAMFAN Zero Downtime package that includes a RAMFAN EX50Li, four battery packs, and a custom vehicle mount with the Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger.

RAMFAN is a brand of Euramco Group, a company born in the Navy shipyards of San Diego, California, engineering ventilation systems for dangerous environments, from offshore platforms to space vehicle launch towers and frontline fire and rescue. Proudly Made in California since 1970.

For more information, visit www.ramfan.com.


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