RAMFAN Introduces EX50Li Battery-Powered Fan with Swappable Battery Packs


RAMFAN, the world leading brand in portable ventilation systems for dangerous environments, unveiled the new EX50Li, the most advanced fan ever made for Fire/Rescue applications– making cordless ventilation always available to first responders for the first time ever.

The EX50Li, with a durable roll-cage frame found across RAMFAN’s Fire/Rescue line up, is easy to carry and set up for a variety of ventilation scenarios, such as positive-pressure ventilation (PPV), smoke ejection, or confined space rescue. The first in the industry 40V, 6.0 Ah swappable Li-Ion battery packs deliver 23 minutes of runtime each or over 45 minute of runtime together, while taking less than 30 seconds to swap out when batteries are depleted. The combination of the advanced E2 Intellisenseā„¢ Controller with the new Brushless motor delivers high efficiency needed for extended runtime on battery power. Complete with the IP66 waterproofing necessary for tough and wet frontline operations.


The safety features of the new E2 Intellisense Controller include smart battery management to protect the batteries from drain during storage, protect against overcharging, undercharging, and extreme temperatures that can damage battery cells.

“Swappable battery packs have quickly become standard throughout many departments worldwide for rescue tools, TICs, lighting, and radios.” said Zach Allen, Euramco’s VP of Sales & Operations. “Until now, there has not been an electric fan available that is not either corded AC or with fixed batteries that require the fan to be out of service for 5-10 hours after each use which, for obvious reasons, is a non-starter for first responders when equipment readiness is required at all times.”

The EX50Li brings advanced technology to Fire/Rescue while being simple to use and multifunctional in nature. It’s unibody design has a center of gravity that allows it to be set up for PPV operations, hung from a door bar as a smoke ejector, laid on its back for vault clearing or attic venting, or attached with a duct for confined space ops. All while CO-free ventilation and cordless operation.

The EX50Li begins shipping in March 2017. It will be shown at the Euramco booth # 3669 at FDIC 2017 in Indianapolis.

RAMFAN is a brand of Euramco Group, a company born in the Navy shipyards of San Diego, California, engineering ventilation systems for dangerous environments, from offshore platforms to space vehicle launch towers and frontline fire and rescue. Proudly Made in California since 1970.

For more information, visit www.euramco.com.

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