Rescue 42, Inc. downsizes step cribbing with The Shark

Rescue 42 has just unveiled its latest product line, The Shark Collapsible Step Cribbing. Step cribbing is an essential piece of equipment, but they are traditionally very bulky and heavy. The Shark Collapsible Step Cribbing to allow smaller apparatus to carry step cribbing when they might not otherwise be able to. It also frees up storage space in larger apparatus for more important life saving tools.

The Shark comes in two sizes. The Standard stands at 10 inches high while the Large stands at 16½ inches, both of which are taller than most traditional step chocks. Both sizes collapse down to just 5½ inches, requiring ¼ the storage space and are surprisingly lightweight despite their tough steel construction. Vertical mounting brackets will also free up valuable floor space by allowing The Shark to be mounted to interior walls and slide trays.

The positive grip teeth on The Shark helps to prevent slipping and provides a solid platform for vehicle stabilization while meeting the 2:1 height to base ratio for vertical stability. Unlike wooden or plastic cribbing, The Shark™ accepts pickets and ratchet straps, giving rescuers added stability when dealing with icy or muddy conditions. With an impressive 7,000-pound working load (14,000-pound test load) The Shark will be able to handle your most difficult rescue situation.

Additional information about The Shark can be found at

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