Rescue 42, Inc. Releases New All-In-One Style Stabilization Strut

Rescue 42 TeleCrib Jr.

Rescue 42, Inc., has officially released the latest member of the TeleCrib® Stabilization family, the TeleCrib® Junior.

This All-in-One strut is compact for storage, fast deploying, and simple to use by first-due responders on engines or pumpers. “Nearly all fire personnel are trained in extrication, whether they’re assigned to a Rescue crew or Engine crew”, states Rescue 42 CEO Tim O’Connell. “We designed an All-in-One strut for extrication trained crews on first-due apparatus who can now safely begin stabilization and extrication prior to the arrival of the full-sized struts on the Squad, Truck or Rescue”.

Made of the same DuPont™ Kevlar® infused composite as the full TeleCrib® System, the Patent Pending TeleCrib® Junior is lightweight and simple to operate, but supports an impressive 5,000 lb working load with a 2:1 safety factor. It features an attached ratchet strap and hook cluster, but unlike other ‘prop/wedge’ style struts, the strap hook can be detached from the strut and used in a tension buttress or ‘lifting’ capacity. It seamlessly integrates with the long and short struts of the full TeleCrib® System and Shark™ Collapsible Step Cribbing when additional stabilization is needed.

A built-in spring pin automatically locks the TeleCrib® Junior at the desired length (up to 69” long) and is released by simply lifting a lever. The combi-head is very similar to the full TeleCrib® System and contains a piercing point, 2” cradle and spiked 3/8” chain slot to aggressively engage the vehicle from any angle. The new, anti-slip baseplate and included ground spike ensure a solid connection to the ground even in icy or muddy conditions.

“Our goal when building tools is to help firefighters do their job faster, easier and cost effectively while reducing the potential for injury,” notes Mr. O’Connell. “The TeleCrib® Junior fits with the evolving needs of fire-rescue personnel who are responding to an increased number of vehicle crashes, but operating with less people and smaller budgets”. More information on the TeleCrib® Junior and other rescue products manufactured by Rescue 42, Inc. can be found at or by calling (888) 427-3728.

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