Reyco Granning to Host FMCA Members for a Day of Insight


Mt. Vernon, MO – Reyco Granning is excited to host members of the FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association) at their manufacturing plant in Mt. Vernon, MO on Wednesday July 7. We are looking to gain the first-person impressions on our ComfortMaster technology while also offering a first-hand look at how a suspension is made. With a plant tour and lunch planned we’re hoping to host a fun and insightful day with some of the country’s most avid motorcoach enthusiasts.

The ComfortMaster leaves all competitors behind with the industry-first nitrogen charged and sealed strut architecture.  The nitrogen strut integrates the functions of spring, shock absorber, king-pin, and upper control arm into one component making the unique construction light weight and efficient.  “The tidy packaging of the strut affords the highest possible wheel-cut angle allowed by today’s tire manufacturers; at a true 60-degrees vehicle maneuverability is simply unprecedented” said John Stuart, President.

Reyco Granning completed subjective and instrumented performance evaluation comparing the ComfortMaster to both legacy Reyco Granning products and the leading competitor product.  The on-vehicle evaluation clearly demonstrated a best-in-class ride and handling performance.  For example, on a key handling metric the lane change lateral acceleration was improved by 29%.  On a key ride metric, the vertical acceleration was improved by 32%.  “With some iterative tuning we were able to achieve the Holy Grail, improving handling without compromising ride” said John Hinz, VP Engineering.

The ComfortMaster is ready for your application and is Reyco Granning’s most thoroughly validated product to date including on-vehicle testing, lab testing, & field testing.  More information about Reyco Granning and the ComfortMaster suspension can be found at:


About Reyco Granning

Reyco Granning, headquartered in Mt. Vernon, MO, designs and manufactures air ride, steel spring, and auxiliary suspension systems used by truck, trailer and specialty vehicle OEMs, including Fire & Rescue, RV and Bus markets. Reyco Granning is a suspension manufacturer with nearly 90 years of proven product quality, durability, and reliability. Visit us at

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