Reyco Granning TransportMaster Brings Improved Cold Weather Performance for Ambulance, Small Bus, and Class-C Motorhome Suspensions

Fed up with rough ride performance from your hydraulic suspension when the temperatures drop? Had enough with air-line freezing on your air suspension? To address the deficiencies of hydraulic systems or legacy air systems, specify the Reyco Granning TransportMaster®on your vehicle. TransportMaster®combines the R-Series drive-axle suspension and the AirMaster® air supply module for Class 3-5 Ford, RAM, & GM chassis cabs, cutaway vans, and E-Series stripped chassis.

Frigid winter conditions slow the flow of fluid in hydraulic suspensions, degrading ride quality. TransportMaster®is an air suspension, and air simply does not freeze or gel. An EMT in northern Minnesota told the Reyco team, “The ride in our ambulance with the hydraulic suspension has been so rough this winter that our cabinets won’t stay shut, making it difficult to provide aid to our patients.“

You say, but wait…moisture can become trapped in air-lines and freeze. In the development of TransportMaster®, Reyco Granning tackled legacy air system challenges via extensive benchmarking and rigorous testing. With TransportMaster®you can count on your vehicle maintaining ride height, kneeling on command, and returning to ride height in seconds regardless of the weather.

  • Line Freeze Improvements:
    • An integrated air treatment system removes contaminants before they enter the air tank. Replacement air dryer and filter cartridges are readily available from Reyco Granning (part numbers 711015-01 dryer & 713886-75 filter).
    • Careful line routing has eliminated sumps where moisture can be trapped.
    • Electronic height sensors replaced typical troublesome pneumatic height control valves for accurate ride height and years of trouble-free service.

The TransportMaster®also provides advantages in: cost, installation time, ride, handling, ride height management, and kneeling. TransportMaster® is the right choice for your ambulance, small bus, Class C motorhome, and work truck. For more information please visit our website

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