Rosenbauer America Announces Recent Promotions

Rosenbauer America, LLC recently announced the recent promotions of Dawn Osborn and Ryan Moore at the Rosenbauer Aerials location in Fremont, Nebraska.

Dawn Osborn (left) has been promoted to the role of Vice President at Rosenbauer Aerials. Dawn joined Rosenbauer Aerials 11 years ago; however, her passion for aerials started at the age of four when she would play house on the ladders as her dad, Rob Kreikemeier – CEO of Rosenbauer Aerials, was building them.

Throughout her years with Rosenbauer, Dawn has played a significant role in logistical and technological advances at Rosenbauer Aerials. Initially she developed in her role as Sales Coordinator, working and developing relationships with dealers and staff throughout Rosenbauer America. As she developed and grew in her knowledge of the company’s products, systems, and processes, she willingly took on more responsibilities. In addition to her role as Sales Coordinator, she also communicated and collaborated with Rosenbauer Aerials’ purchasing, production, quality control, human resources, warranty and training, and engineering to meet the needs of the customers and employees.

In her new role, Dawn will be guiding and directing these departments in advancing Rosenbauer Aerials’ strategic goal of becoming the premier manufacturer and employer of aerial devices in the firefighting industry and to unify the Rosenbauer initiatives.

Ryan Moore (right) has moved into the position of Senior Manager at Rosenbauer Aerials. Ryan joined the company as a mechanical engineer nearly eight years ago. In the beginning, Ryan worked on the production floor alongside his fellow production employees to gain knowledge and insight into the practical applications of producing aerial devices. After transitioning into the engineering department, the knowledge he gained on the floor proved to be invaluable because it allowed him to better understand the real-world issues that production encounters daily.

Ryan took that early experience and combined it with his engineering knowledge and passion for advancing the engineering practices at Rosenbauer Aerials. He has worked to develop practical and useful technological tools within the engineering department for the benefit of Rosenbauer’s dealers and customers. Recently, he has taken those same organizational and technological skills to reorganize the warranty and training departments.

In Ryan’s new role he will not only oversee the engineering department, but he will also assist the President and Vice President in further guiding and directing the quality control, warranty, and training departments.

Rosenbauer has become the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment. In North America, Rosenbauer incorporates the international strength and innovation of a global company with top American manufacturing firms. For more information, please visit the company’s website at


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