Rosenbauer and ZeroSound Noise Cancelling Technology Protect Firefighters

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As a company that is always striving for excellence and firefighter safety, Rosenbauer America is pleased to announce a new partnership with an industry-leader in noise cancelling technology, ZeroSound Systems Inc. Rosenbauer has acquired an exclusive five-year deal with the Calgary-based company and its patented noise reduction technology.

According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is a growing global problem not only for first responders but for millions of people who encounter loud sounds in daily life. Elevated noise is known to cause hearing impairment, hypertension, annoyance, sleep disturbance, and heart disease. Traditional noise reduction materials include simple barriers or insulation that absorb and reflect sound waves with varying effectiveness and applications, while ZeroSound’s digital technology measures and physically cancels the soundwaves using proprietary hardware and software.

“The health and safety of first responders is paramount, and we applaud Rosenbauer for its ongoing emphasis to safeguard against the dangers of excessive noise,” says Norm Bogner, President and Co-Founder of ZeroSound. “We’re excited that Rosenbauer is leveraging our technology to protect responders on a broader scale, and we look forward to growing this partnership across North America and globally.”

As one of Calgary’s newest tech companies, ZeroSound has created a scalable platform that reduces noise exposure by up to 92% (-35 dB) in both indoor and outdoor settings. From commercial and industrial applications, to rush hour traffic and noisy bars, this cost-effective technologyutilizes innovative Active Noise Control to reduce noise exposure from any noise pollution source.

John Slawson, CEO of Rosenbauer America, added, “We are privileged to be a part of this important collaboration. We feel that it is our duty to protect our first responders in every way possible, and with ZeroSound’s technology and our Rosenbauer product line, we can do just that. We can now provide another unique safety feature to further enhance our customers’ health and safety when they are responding to emergencies in their communities.”

Rosenbauer is eager to have these systems installed as a standard feature on all Rosenbauer’s new fire trucks, as well as retrofit existing fleet apparatus, to protect first responders from the dangerous health impacts of noise pollution. Deployment of prototypes featuring this technology in the field is underway.

Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment. In North America, Rosenbauer incorporates the international strength and innovation of a global company with top American manufacturing firms to offer a full line of custom and commercial pumpers, rescues, tankers, and aerials. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

ZeroSound’s integrated platform innovates Active Noise Control with proprietary algorithms, IoT, machine learning, data capture, and a unique panel to deliver sound waves to targeted areas.  Noise problems from construction and traffic, to environmental, industrial and urban sources are cancelled to acceptable levels whether indoors or out. The technology, which can be both noise controlling and amplifying, is third-party validated by the Advanced Research Lab at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), is Patented in the US and has Patent approval in 153 PCT countries.  

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