Rosenbauer debuts Stinger on Panther ARFF vehicle

Rosenbauer’s General Division introduced for testing and evaluation its new concept Panther Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle, equipped with its internally-designed High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET), the Stinger, at the annual ARFF Working Group Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Panther body has been designed to maximize compartment space and make room for additional equipment while making access to mounted equipment easier and safer for ARFF firefighters wearing full protective equipment.

The interior of the cab is a completely new design which incorporates new high-tech electronic features such as the LCS (Logic Control System) that permits the vehicle’s operator to view a color-coded monitor screen that displays an interface of the pump, the bumper turret, the roof turret. and hose line discharge operations. It permits the operator to see which discharge is flowing as well as the amount of extinguishing agent levels that are available at any moment.

The Stinger HRET features a totally new and innovative type of aircraft fuselage penetrating tool. The Stinger is designed and manufactured in cooperation with Rosenbauer’s General Division, Rosenbauer’s Aerial Division. and Rosenbauer International. The new Stinger has a working height of 54 feet with a 37.5-foot horizontal reach and can be rotated 30 degrees side to side. The new Stinger HRET is operated by a single-hand joystick control that simplifies use and increases safety for the operator. The penetrating tool can be operated at any angle giving the operator precise and pin point control of the penetrating nozzle. The penetrating tool is effective on several types of fuselage materials including aluminum, the new GLARE material found on the Airbus A-380 and the composite material used on the Boeing 787. The main firefighting turret will flow up to 1500 GPM and can be equipped with Williams Hydro-Chem technology.

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