Rosenbauer’s 96-Inch Warrior Now Available Up to 500 Horsepower

Wyoming, MN – November 28, 2018 – Rosenbauer Motors has received final approval for installation of a Cummins X12 in the 96” wide Rosenbauer Warrior custom chassis. This additional option will allow fire departments to have up to a 500-hp engine in a Warrior.

“This Cummins X12 offering provides our customers with the ability to get the power they need and maintain a narrower cab for their operations,” said Rich Schalter, CEO of Rosenbauer Motors.

Rosenbauer’s 96” Warrior is currently available in 10 models, and it is available in all-wheel drive.

The 96” Warrior was introduced in 2015 at the Fire Department Instructors Conference to provide departments that have to navigate narrow roadways with a narrower cab for easier maneuverability.  

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