Setcom Releases the First Integrated Seat Communications System for Fire Apparatus

Setcom® Corporation, a manufacturer of intercom systems and headsets for fire service vehicles, today released its latest innovation for fire apparatus communications: CommandComTM. CommandCom is an advanced Setcom microphone and speaker system that is fully integrated into an H.O. Bostrom headrest. The newly released system uses Setcom’s sophisticated patent-pending Phase Contouring™ technology.

When using the system, a firefighter is able to seamlessly communicate with other vehicle crew members and over two-way radios. For more information, visit: For a video of the CommandCom features and benefits, visit: Setcom has engineered advanced patent-pending Phase Contouring technology that prevents feedback caused by an active microphone near a speaker.

With this technology, a firefighter can place the microphone close to the speaker and will not hear any feedback. Other features of CommandCom include: Occupant Detection – CommandCom is connected to the seat sensor and will only turn on when the firefighter is seated thus eliminating extraneous noise in the vehicle when the seat is not occupied.

Flexible Design – The CommandCom’s master control component is completely interchangeable as a radio transmit or intercom-only position.

Plug-and-Play Design – Allows for simple retrofitting of fire apparatus whether they have an intercom system or not.

Clear Communications – Shielded cabling and a high-quality noise cancelling microphone ensure clear communications.

Rugged – Designed with tough push-to-talk and volume controls for demanding fire apparatus environments.

Flexible Implementation – CommandCom can be used in conjunction with Setcom’s Liberator

Wireless Headset for positions that need constant communications both in and out of the truck. Benefits of the CommandCom solution include: Easy to Use – Just sit down in the seat and start talking. Nothing to turn on or put on. Setcom Backward Compatible – CommandCom will integrate with all existing Setcom System 900 intercom systems Bostrom Backward Compatible – CommandCom headrest will fit on most existing Bostrom Firefighting seats. Purchase with Confidence – Made in the U.S.A. The CommandCom system is fully compatible with existing Setcom intercom systems as well as Bostrom SCBA ABTS fire seats. Simply replace current headrests with CommandCom and then plug and play. It is easy to use and allows numerous ways for public safety personnel to communicate.

The CommandCom headrest is a hands free way to communicate in vehicles where headsets are unnecessary. Ideal applications include: Apparatus officer and rear crew member positions where hearing protection is not required by NFPA or OSHA. Seating positions where it is not convenient to wear a headset such as rear positions where firefighters are donning PPE before arriving at a scene. “I’m very proud of our engineering team for working diligently on this multi-year development effort. The result is a first-of-its-kind product that we know will help firefighters be even more effective when riding in fire apparatus. The initial feedback from the marketplace has been tremendous and we look forward to widespread deployment of CommandCom over the coming years in the fire service,” stated James Roberts, Setcom’s President.


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