Show Your Pride with Personalized Plates from, the leading online source for firefighting professionals, allows you to build custom license plates from one to one hundred or more. Using the Build-It, See-It, Buy-It technology you can design your own look and what arrives at your door will look exactly the same.

Are you a new Chief, a former Battalion Commander or a recent academy graduate? These are among the great reasons to celebrate around the firehouse. What better way to show your pride than showing off your new position with a custom license plate? They compromise at nothing when it comes to building the best custom license plates for you, your entire department or even your supporters. delivers durability, visibility, and flexibility that will keep these license plates looking sharp for years to come. Bring your design to life by choosing from 2 different sizes, fourteen different designs, and five colors at no extra cost – even multiple colors on the same plate. Several designs allow you to add one or two emblems from our list of 44 stock emblems, again at no additional cost.

Full size plates (6″ x 12″) are designed to be mounted for display using the entire license plate space on the front of your vehicle. Half size plates (4″ x 10″) are designed to be mounted for display above or below your state license plate. Both sizes are pre-punched at the top and bottom for quick and easy mounting.

Your personalized text and graphics are applied on a layer of engineering grade; highly reflective material adhered to a durable 20 gauge, aluminum plate. A 2-mil UV over-laminate coating protects and seals the layers together, creating a plate that won’t fade, crack, or peel.
Visit today and order a new license plate. Within 12-18 days it can be on your vehicle.

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