Simoco’s Simulcast Technology Offers Option to Combat Reducing Budgets in Public Safety

Simoco Group has asserted that its simulcast solutions offer the best option for U.S. public safety agencies facing limits to funding.
The mobile radio specialist will be using APCO 2015’s Washington event as a platform to demonstrate the work that it has already delivered to a number of U.S. based public safety agencies including Rutland Regional Emergency Communication Centre in Massachusetts and Door County in Wisconsin. Both projects involved the deployment of simulcast systems that have delivered uninterrupted wide area radio communications for police, fire and other emergency responders.
Gary Correia, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Simoco Americas believes that the region’s counties are looking for more cost effective ways to develop their radio communications systems, “The feedback that we are getting from across the U.S. is that the big budgets just aren’t there. So that leaves the issue of how our public safety agencies can continue to develop the infrastructures that meet the need for county-wide, multi-agency radio communications. We are a bit different in the way that we are approaching the problem – we can look at what the agencies already have in place and work to use what’s there to create interoperable systems that don’t throw away valuable resources that have already been invested in.”
This is the message that Simoco will be taking to APCO 2015, along with their IP enhanced P25 simulcast technologies and ruggedized portables and mobiles. Simoco’s DMR range, Simoco Xd will be demonstrated with its full range of terminals and IP based infrastructure which is available from small Tier II conventional deployments up to multi-site Tier III trunked systems.
Simoco will be at APCO 2015, Booth 2110, 16th-19th August 2015.

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