SimsUshare Announces New Simulation Sharing Platform

SimsUShare Mutual Aid

SimsUshare, the leading provider of photo-based simulation training software, announced today the release of SimsUshare Mutual AidTM, a new component of its popular online Command Training Center simulation software. SimsUshare Mutual Aid allows customers to easily share their quality simulations and then modify them to suit their local training needs.

“We believe that one of the barriers to more widespread use of simulations is the time it takes to make them,” remarked Jonathan Kaye, PhD, SimsUshare’s President. “We realized that customers were often creating similar simulations to meet similar training objectives. Why not create an effective way for customers everywhere to share their work and modify that work if needed to suit local circumstances? Not only would this save time, but it would also provide a means to bring together the training capabilities of departments.”

Simulation software vendors in the Fire and Emergency Services industry have tried over the years to make it simple to allow customers to share simulations. However, such services never really took off because the process was often difficult or cumbersome. SimsUshare customers can now access and share stored simulations with a few mouse clicks by using their online portal. As customers contribute simulations they have created to use locally, SimsUshare Mutual Aid will continue to expand as a go-to training resource.

SimsUshare Mutual Aid, included for free in all SimsUshare subscriptions, was launched last week with seventy (70) simulations in a variety of incident types, such as Single-Family Residences, Commercial Occupancies, HazMat, and ARFF. It will no doubt grow considerably as more customers recognize the shared benefits and ‘pay it forward’.

For more information about the Mutual Aid, please click here: For more information about SimsUshare, please visit

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