Smeal Fire Apparatus Launches New Product

Nearly 80,000 wildfires were reported in the U.S. and Canada in 2010, torching more than 4 million acres by year’s end. Battling these fires takes expertise, field experience, and specialized equipment that can respond to the unique challenges that these fires present. 

The Rage is the newest product offering from Smeal Fire Apparatus Company.

Engineered for optimum performance in the most rugged terrain, the Rage offers improvements over other wild land trucks with a design that addresses longstanding repair and safety concerns. After evaluating existing Type III apparatus and gathering insights from dealers and fire departments, Smeal has equipped firefighters with a truck to meet the demands of even the most challenging environments.

Jim Barton, President of Fire Truck Headquarters, says “The Rage has received a great reception. We did a lot of homework and one of the biggest things we heard from the guys in the field was the problem of cracking water tanks. So we put a 3-point mounting on the Rage body so the truck and tank will take the stress. We also put on a little bigger pump but still kept the truck as compact as possible. We will be working with Cal Fire to put the Rage through its paces and we’re confident it will set a new bar out here.”

When it comes to facing a wildfire out in the field, it can be difficult to gauge just what sort of punishment the environment is going to inflict on a truck. But with a rear body mount that allows for independent flexing of the body, subframe and chassis frame, along with its 12-gauge Galvaneal steel body, the Rage is equipped to handle even the harshest terrains. The Rage also features seating for five, a Hale TPD 750 gpm two-stage pump, and Smeal’s exclusive QL-12 electrical system, delivering unmatched firefighting efficiency. It’s the most versatile urban interface apparatus on the market, and is built to perform in the toughest conditions.

Jeff Hunke, Smeal’s Vice President, states, “We are proud to have designed and built a wildland vehicle that provides the flexibility needed to withstand challenging terrain, and the power and tools to help these firefighters be well equipped and well protected.”

Based in Snyder, Nebraska, Smeal Fire Apparatus Company is known throughout the United States and Canada as the premier manufacturer of aerial ladders, platform aerials, pumpers, and now, urban interface. Since 1964, Smeal has been proud to be part of the fire and rescue industry, producing the finest apparatus available to get the job done safely and efficiently. For more information on Smeal Fire Apparatus, call (402) 568-2224 or visit

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