Smith Micro and In Motion Technology Partner to Provide End-to-End Connection Management

Smith Micro Software, Inc. today announced the company has partnered with In Motion Technology, a leader in mobile enterprise networks, to deliver secure, reliable wireless connectivity for both in-vehicle and hand-held mobile devices used by public safety agencies. The combination of Smith Micro’s QuickLink(R) Mobility connection management software and In Motion’s onBoard Connection Manager software will provide First Responders with timely access to critical information that saves lives.

In Motion Technology provides mobile enterprise network technology that enables mission-critical workforces to securely connect to the enterprise network using a rugged wireless router in and around their vehicles. Smith Micro provides connection management software that extends this reach by allowing users to take their mobile devices beyond the limits of the in-vehicle router while still maintaining reliable and secure connectivity with their 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. The combined solution provides broader, more consistent mobile connections for First Responders who can’t afford to waste time reconnecting devices due to inconsistent network coverage.

“Many public safety communications operations are finding in-vehicle routers an optimal solution to support a wide array of devices being deployed in first responder vehicles. Tight integration between laptop connection managers and an in-vehicle network access point means first responders gain flexibility with ease-of-use. By allowing laptops to move in and out of an in-vehicle coverage area, first responders maintain access to high quality, cost effective network resources required to deliver on an agency’s mission,” said Yankee Group Principal Analyst Ken Rehbehn.

“In Motion Technology’s system transforms our customers’ vehicles into secure, reliable mobile hotspots. In order to better serve first responders, we found a partner that would complement our existing technology, and extend our connection management capabilities outside of the vehicle,” said Tony Morris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, In Motion Technology. “Considering their extensive experience in carrier-grade connection management solutions, and proven deployments with public safety agencies, Smith Micro makes an ideal partner.”

“In Motion offers market leading technology that helps mission-critical workforces, such as law enforcement officers, to stay reliably connected to in-vehicle network access points, and we provide comparable technology for hand-carried devices that often leave the vehicle, such as laptops and tablets. This seamless connectivity to mission critical applications is vital to first responders when every second counts,” said Daniel Rawlings, Chief Strategy Officer at Smith Micro. “Our partnership with In Motion will give an advantage to public safety agencies who want enhanced command and control of their network connectivity.”

Smith Micro’s QuickLink Mobility solution is available on Windows mobile devices. Specific benefits of the integrated solution for public safety agencies include:

— Secure connection management that is carrier-agnostic, with the ability to hide unauthorized networks — Enforced connection to In Motion Wi-Fi as the primary network for user devices — Seamless and automatic transition to authorized WWAN or other authorized network when In Motion Wi-Fi is out of range — Single-sign-on (SSO) and Connect-before-login (CBL) features to simplify access and reduce the risk of password failures — Fully configurable to provide enhanced command and control over mobile devices

QuickLink Mobility is part of Smith Micro’s Enterprise Mobility platform that helps a wide variety of commercial and public sector organizations to regain command and control over mobile devices and wireless connectivity, particularly for BYOD environments. For more information visit:

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