Spartan Motors Highlights Company’s Process Innovation and New Approach to Bringing Products to Market

Tradeshow attendees who visit the Spartan Motors booths (2423 and 2403) at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) will notice the Charlotte, Michigan-based company is pushing process innovation across the company.

“Our booth will illustrate a clean slate approach to our go-to-market model and, in the case of FDIC 2012, it will reveal specific executional priorities. These include the importance of connecting with customers on their terms using multiple touch-points such as social media, global partnerships to augment innovation and growth, building an efficient brand strategy, creating an event within an event at major tradeshows and recognizing the firefighter for all they do,” said Russell T. Chick, Spartan Motors corporate director of marketing.

The company will demonstrate a number of these new methods at its FDIC press conference at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Ind. on April 19th at 1:30 PM.

— Brief Press Conference: Several new products will debut, including the Spartan Telstar – a best-in-class articulated aerial with all calls capabilities; the Spartan 4 x 4 Wildland, a versatile Type 3 concept truck; the Spartan R XO — concept crossover chassis – that boasts unequaled off-road capabilities and Spartan’s new APS safety system including the best airbag, seating restraints and anti-ejection capabilities.

— The press conference will be conducted from the platform of the TelStar aerial and the event will be streamed live over the internet so the thousands of firefighters and industry personnel around the country can experience the event.

— Organizational Launch: The company will present brand leadership and the launch of Spartan ERV (formerly Crimson Fire), a division of Spartan Motors.

— Connecting with Firefighters On Their Terms — Social Media: A “Tell Your Story” social media program will ask show attendees to record (video or picture) and share their stories about service and heroism. Participants will receive a Firefighter’s Challenge Coin. The videos will be posted to the Spartan ERV Facebook page. Video submitted via the internet from April 19 — May 18 will be eligible to win weekly prizes.

— Global Relationships: The announcement of a complementary relationship with the French company Gimaex — an OEM with an extensive technology portfolio and global presence in the emergency response industry.

— Event Within an Event: Live performances by American Idol finalist Bucky Covington on Thurs., April 19 begin at 1:30 PM. Each time Covington appears, Spartan will collect donations from attendees for “Help the Good Guys,” a charity honoring and supporting firefighters injured or killed in the line of duty.

“We are very pleased to provide the firefighters a platform to ‘Tell Their Story’ and help grassroots charities like Help the Good Guys ( Their level of commitment and heroism day-in and day-out needs more visibility,” said Chick. “All of us at Spartan are proud to support the industry and celebrate the Firefighter. We launched the Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles) organization with the mantra ‘Together We SERV’ as our way of recognizing the firefighter and what our associates do every day to support, help and keep them safer.”

For more information about process innovation, the new product introductions, the social media program, visit or their Facebook page SpartanERV.

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