First Spartan Motors S-180 Complete Fire Truck Goes Into Service This Month

Charlotte, MI—Spartan Emergency Response, a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc. is delivered the first of its S-180 pumpers to Reese (MI) Fire Rescue. The S-180 line of fire trucks represents an industry first, offering custom-built apparatus manufactured in half the time.

Spartan’s S-180 trucks represent a new era of access and availability for fire departments struggling with aging fleets that can compromise the safety of first responder staff and negatively impact their ability to serve their community. The new truck line is appropriately named for the 180 days spanning order date to delivery—a drastic reduction when compared to a typical custom pumper truck build that can take 10-14 months to complete.

“When fire departments are faced with emergency or unplanned fire apparatus purchases, their ability to respond is at risk. Spartan’s S-180 truck line began as a challenge to ourselves to reduce the order to delivery time and still deliver a top-quality custom apparatus to fire departments that simply can’t wait for a traditional 10-14 month build. Arming our dealers with the ability to quickly deliver custom vehicles into the hands of departments in need is a win for our dealers, our customer departments, and most importantly, it’s a win for the communities they serve,” says Daryl Adams, president and CEO, Spartan Motors, Inc.

The first S-180 truck was unveiled in April at FDIC International 2016. It can be purchased by selecting a base model and choosing from a wide variety of customized options, which are tailored to meet each fire rescue department’s needs and budget. 

“Fire rescue organizations are paramount to maintaining the safety of our communities; meeting the needs of these organizations is Spartan’s number one priority,” says John Slawson, president, Spartan Emergency Response. “We are taking our dedication to the next level with the S-180 line of complete apparatus, delivering a top-quality vehicle that dramatically reduces the time it takes departments to receive their custom-built fire truck without compromising the strength, safety, storage and comfort for which our highly-specialized products are known.” 

The S-180 is built on a Spartan Metro Star MFD chassis with a 10” raised roof. It also includes Spartan’s Advanced Protection System® (APS), including an all-encompassing restraint system engineered specifically for the firefighter. 

“By offering these tailored options, the S-180 line allows Spartan to build precise emergency solutions for our customers in a way that fits their budget and best serves their unique communities,” says Mike Virnig, director of sales, Spartan Emergency Response. 

Like so many departments across the nation, Reese Fire Rescue’s aging fleet required extra downtime for service and maintenance. When considering replacements, Spartan’s S-180 quickly rose to the top of the list.

“Our evaluations always center around the safety and capability of our fleet, but we had pressing needs that required a speed of delivery that only Spartan could offer,” says Chief Gene Ellison, Reese Fire Rescue. “It was clear from the beginning that no corners are cut in the process, so the S-180 truck really stood alone as the obvious choice for our needs.” 

Reese’s S-180 features maximum compartment space, a low hosebed and greater pump capabilities. Additionally, it features Spartan’s proprietary APS safety system. 

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