Vehicle Intelligence, Efficiency, Leading-Edge Innovations From Spartan ERV

Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles), a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPAR), introduced two innovations that can be applied across a number of Spartan ERV pumpers, aerials, tankers and wildland/urban interface units to improve the efficiency of emergency responders and firefighters. Both were showcased at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 19.

“The launch of these products will fuel Spartan ERV’s continued growth in the global ER marketplace and serve as validation of the company’s ability to drive innovation organically,” said Dennis Schneider, president of Spartan Emergency Response.

Spartan ERV, which designs, engineers and manufactures fire apparatus designed to increase the speed, efficiency and safety of first responders, introduced these two new systems at the Spartan ERV display (booth #2423) at FDIC:

— Spartan Intelligent Pump Solution (IPS) — The Spartan IPS is a pumper system designed to meet a firefighter’s needs. It offers upgrades over traditional firefighting equipment, including improved storage, pump capabilities, functionality and maneuverability of the vehicle.
— Spartan One-Touch Rapid Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) — Spartan ERV engineers have incorporated smart electronics and exclusive plumbing design and engineering to deliver the unique, easy-to-use, One-Touch Rapid CAFS.

“These systems are specifically designed and engineered to help firefighters work more efficiently and therefore improve safety,” says Schneider. “The products exemplify the type of innovation Spartan continues to introduce — forward-thinking products that have made us a leader in the industry.”

Spartan ERV(TM) Intelligent Pump Solution (IPS)

The Spartan ERV(TM) Intelligent Pump Solution is a next-generation pumper designed to meet firefighter needs, not firefighter tradition. The IPS pumper raises the bar in terms of equipment-carrying capacity, maneuverability in tight spaces and apparatus versatility.
The IPS, which meets all NFPA Class A requirements, features a mid-mount control position that minimizes the chassis space used for fire suppression, providing additional compartment space for tools and equipment. This mid-mount position is lower, which gives firefighters easier access to crosslays.

The IPS is available for custom chassis, and its compact size allows it to be outfitted on a shorter chassis that creates better maneuverability.

The Spartan ERV(TM) Intelligent Pump Solution features:

— Water pump capable of pumping up to 1,500 gallons per minute (GPM)
— CAFS capable
— Pump and roll capability
— Custom body & tank configurations
— Short wheelbase & enhanced compartmentation

Spartan ERV(TM) One-Touch Rapid CAFS

Spartan ERV’s One-Touch Rapid CAFS dramatically simplifies the task of operating a CAFS. A single step engages the CAFS by using state-of-the-art electronics teamed with exclusive plumbing design and engineering.

Spartan engineers have created this easy-to-use system that is self-regulating, allowing the operator to stay focused on the scene of a fire while the One-Touch Rapid CAFS automatically actuates and monitors the injection of foam and air into the line. The One-Touch Rapid CAFS simple switch technology gives the operator the ability to adjust the wetness/dryness of the CAFS with a simple switch.

Spartan ERV’s CAFS systems offer increased discharge and volume, allowing firefighters to operate from further, safer distances while also making hose lines lighter to aid firefighters. Spartan ERV’s Rapid CAFS is capable of generating air flows from 140 to 250 cubic feet per minute in PTO-driven configurations. The engine-driven system is capable of air capacities of 135 cubic feet per minute, while generating 185 gpm of water flow. Spartan’s systems are capable of producing both Class A and B foam.

For more information on either the One-Touch Rapid CAFS or the Intelligent Pump Solution (IPS), please see

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