SunSeeker Seeks to Save Thousands of Lives from Fires This Summer

The fire spray can be sprayed directly onto homes during dry conditions to protect against burning embers.

SunSeeker Fire Technology has introduced a new fire-resistant spray that is expected to be hugely helpful during the upcoming fire season.

This spray will be available to homeowners everywhere through retail purchase. SunSeeker was recently featured on Discovery Channel’s “Force of Nature.” The episode will explore the trial and error process of developing an entirely new standard for fire safety in this country as well as the development of a new fire shelter.

SunSeeker is working with Anchor Industries (the current USDA approved manufacturer of fire shelters) to create a new and improved fire shelter for firefighters across the United States and Canada. The fire shelter is composed of SunSeeker’s patented Fire Blanket technology.

* It has a 1000° F melting point. Other fire shelters are only protected for a short time and normally have a 500° F melting point

* It is created from a ceramic/zirconia material that doesn’t burn and is fire and water-resistant

* The material requires low-heat storage and is completely resistant to thermal shock

* It incorporates the same technology used by NASA to handle atmospheric reentry

“This 1000F degree spray is invisible, permanent and can actually save someone’s home,” said Jim Moseley of SunSeeker Fire Technology. “Once applied to the home, the spray will protect against any kind of burning ember that may take flight and land on homes.”

SunSeeker is currently funding on GoFundMe- the majority funds will go into refining and completing the new fire shelter. The goal is for SunSeeker Fire Shelters to become the standard tool for every firefighter. To contribute to the campaign, please visit


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