SuperFabric Technology from HexArmor Reviewed

HexArmor’s high-performance safety gloves have been used in the industrial sector to dramatically reduce and often eliminate hand injuries.  From oil and gas production, to the hazardous environments of mining, steel, and lumber production, many of the nation’s largest corporations have relied on HexArmor’s scientific approach to personal safety.

Fire, rescue, and EMS operations are now able to obtain the same industrial level of hand safety, tailored specifically to the unique hazards and applications of first responders and rescue technicians.  The technology behind this scientific safety offering is called SuperFabric®, and its use in safety gloves is the proprietary advantage of HexArmor®.

SuperFabric® technology, often referred to as SuperFabric® brand material, exceeds both ISEA/ANSI F1790 and CE/EN388 Level 5 cut-resistance, making it the highest cut resistant material available on the market. The innovative design features tiny guard plates on a lightweight, flexible fabric, and offers 6-10 times more cut resistance than common materials like leather, Dyneema®, and Kevlar®. The spacing between guard plates provides needed flexibility without sacrificing performance. With most fabrics, hazardous sharps will find a “window” between the fiber rows and cause a laceration, but SuperFabric®’s guard plates prevent this from happening.
Extrication specific hazards like jagged or twisted metal, charred plastic from vehicle consoles or frames, and broken or shattered glass from windows have all been tested against SuperFabric® technology, and this high performance material has proven its strength and dependability.

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