Sutphen Corporation – The Tradition Continues

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Now on its fifth generation, the strength and stability of Sutphen Corporation is unquestionable. Sutphen Corporation continues to build quality fire apparatus while remaining true to our family owned traditions.

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The Sutphen product line has its standards, like our original Mid-Mount Aerial Platform, but over the past few years, the line has expanded to meet the needs of more Fire Departments. Flexibility and innovation are key characteristics at Sutphen Corporation. We understand the need to be flexible for our customers, and we have the innovation to develop the products their job demands.


To ensure the finest quality Sutphen Corporation builds our Chassis from the ground up. There is no divided responsibility so our customers get fast, efficient, and reliable service and convenient parts access from one source. Our Chassis are designed and manufactured following stringent specifications for strength and durability. Each Chassis must meet load capacity and service requirements.

Custom Pumpers

Sutphen quality and dependability is customized for each department’s specific needs. We offer both Rescue and Traditional body styles in aluminum or stainless with a seemingly endless list of optional equipment. Each custom pumper is designed for maximum fire-fighting capability.

Aerial Platforms

Sutphen Aerial Platforms feature the Mid-Mount design that provides unsurpassed safety, performance, reliability, and maneuverability. Only one out and down jack each side provides the industry’s quickest and most compact set-up. The Mid-Mount design with a high pivot point gives fire fighters the capability of working at low angles over the cab, and to work on a 360 degree basis without moving the apparatus. The aerial device itself is constructed using patented Huck Bolt technology, the same that is used in commercial and military aircraft. The elimination of welding the aerial reduces the risk of fatigue and cracked welds that can lead to costly repair and down time. The Huck Bolted aerial is of a four sided, box-boom design, allowing for a stronger aerial device and a totally enclosed, protected waterway. Sutphen Aerial Platforms are available in tandem axle and single axle models.

SPH 100 Aerial Platform

The all new SPH 100 Aerial Platform gives you all the features of our standard Aerial Platforms with a shorter 230” wheelbase making it even more maneuverable. Other features of this unit include enclosed rear ladder storage, increased compartment space, and a larger platform.

Shield Series Pumpers

The Shield Series line of pumpers is our answer to the ever-increasing popularity of program type trucks. With the Sutphen Shield Series, you get the same custom built quality and superior craftsmanship you have come to expect from Sutphen Corporation. By offering standardized body styles and packaging options, we were able to keep the cost of production to a minimum. The Shield Series are built on our own Sutphen Chassis, and they are manufactured right along side our more customized units and are available in aluminum or stainless steel.

Aerials and Aerial Ladders

Sutphen’s proven mid-mount design provides superior weight distribution on chassis, extraordinary maneuverability, and easy access to the pumper-like hose bed, as there are no hose chutes or turntable in the way. The extruded-aluminum tubular ladder is highly resistant to corrosion and has extraordinary strength and torsional rigidity, resulting in a 3:1 safety factor. Sutphen Aerials and Ladders boast tips loads as high as 1000# and 750# while flowing 1500 gpm at any angle, at full extension.

Heavy Rescue

Our Heavy Rescue apparatus are custom designed to fit our customer’s requirements and are engineered to both maximize and optimize compartment space and storage. Sutphen Corporation can customize configurations for HazMat, Urban Search and Rescue, and Mobile Command Center units.

Petrochemical and Industrial

Certain fire fighting situations require a heavier duty apparatus. Sutphen Petrochemical and Industrial fire fighting apparatus can provide foam streams up to 3000 gpm at 110’ of aerial elevation from draft and up to 4000 gpm at 100’ of elevation with a pressurized water source. Pumper units are also available with pump outputs from 1500 to 5000 gpm.


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