Sutphen to appear on Discovery Channel program

Sutphen Corporation, manufacturer of custom fire apparatus, will be featured on an upcoming episode of the new Discovery Channel series “Some Assembly Required.” The show travels to manufacturing facilities around the country to give viewers a behind the scenes look into the process of how their products are made.

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to work with the people from the Discovery Channel and Half Yard Productions (the production company behind the show),” says Ken Creese, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sutphen Corporation. “They initially approached us thinking we would be a good fit for the shows premise, and after a few discussions the ball was rolling.”

The show will air on the Discovery Channel beginning in August. Creese continues, “Our goal in appearing in the show was to shed some light on the manufacturing process of a fire truck. The majority of the public doesn’t necessarily know where the trucks that protect their communities on a daily basis come from. If educating the general public on the process has a positive affect on their decision to vote yes for a fire levy or referendum on the purchase a new fire truck then everybody wins. Additionally, the Discovery Channel does a great job with educational family programming. I am a fan of the channel and the show so it was easy to agree to participate.”

Episode 2 will air on August 7th at 8:30 pm. Check your local television listing for more details.

Sutphen Corporation is an Ohio based privately held, family owned business that manufactures custom built emergency response vehicles. The company’s head quarters are located in suburban Dublin, Ohio northwest of Columbus.



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