TargetSolutions Adds 36 New EMS Continuing Education Courses to Its CECBEMS Training Catalog

TargetSolutions, a leader in online continuing education for emergency responders, is excited to announce 36 new EMS courses have been approved for credit by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS).

The courses have been added to TargetSolutions’ online training catalog for CECBEMS, which now features 159 hours of approved continuing education for all levels of EMS personnel.

In the past, only a portion of TargetSolutions’ EMS online continuing education was approved for CECBEMS credit. Now, every EMS training course meets CECBEMS requirements, giving providers more access to TargetSolutions’ course content nationwide.

“We are excited about these news courses being available because they increase the quantity of quality training we are able to provide,” said TargetSolutions Executive VP Thom Woodward.

“With this latest release of new CECBEMS courses, providers have more access to our extensive EMS content. These providers can now better fulfill continuing education requirements through our platform while expanding their knowledge for responding to medical emergencies.”

TargetSolutions, which became a CECBEMS-accredited organization in March of 2014, understands how valuable CECBEMS training is to EMS agencies across the country. The updated catalog features popular titles, including CECBEMS Abdominal Trauma Advanced, CECBEMS Geriatric Emergencies Basic, and CECBEMS Special Challenges in Patient Assessment.

All of the titles have been added to TargetSolutions’ certified credentials, which enable agencies to document EMS continuing education with the online system’s powerful recordkeeping application.


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