Task Group explores halon options

Task Group explores halon options

The International Halon Replacement Working Group (IHR WG), sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration, has established the Task Group on Halon Options. The IHR WG will review and assess halon substitution technologies that have been commercialized or are near to commercialization for each major area of on-board aircraft use: engine nacelles, handheld extinguishers, cargo compartments, and lavatory protection.

A draft of the third task group report is available on the Internet at http://nmeri.- unm.edu/cget/ihrwg.htm. Manufacturers of fire suppression technologies applicable to replacement of halons on aircraft are asked to review this draft report to ensure that applicable material is included and that the information is accurate.

Submission of recommended changes and additions is strongly encouraged. However, the final decisions on information and assessments presented are solely the responsibility of the Task Group. Appendix A of the report, now being prepared, contains a list of manufacturers (with addresses and phone numbers) that have products that are specifically discussed in the report. Manufacturers are asked to review this list for accuracy and completeness.

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