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UAV use for the fire service

UAVs in Public Safety: The Next Steps in Technology

Now that UAVs are standard pieces of equipment for many public safety agencies, UAV program personnel are wondering, what’s next? Ryan Gifford takes a look.
Evaluating drone pilots skills

Evaluating sUAS Drone Pilot Skills

NIST has developed a turnkey set of sUAS Standard Test Methods (USTMs) that are available free of charge.
ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation Systems

REV Group Extends Exclusive Partnership with ZeroRPM® for Idle Mitigation Technology

ZeroRPM’s Idle Mitigation Systems help reduce the negative impact extended idling has on the environment, personal health, and vehicle operating costs.

Breakthrough Technology for Firefighter Search and Rescue Now a Reality from MSA Safety

Resulting from years of working directly with Firefighters, LUNAR uses Cloud technology to deliver breakthrough fire-scene management capabilities for incident commanders.
Emergeny Reporting

Emergency Reporting Launches ‘Fired Up & Plugged In’ Podcast

The new podcast is intended for current and emerging leaders in fire and emergency services.

3AM Innovations, NextNav Improve First Responder Safety and Situational Awareness with Vertical Location

NextNav, the leader in 3D geolocation, has announced a new partnership with 3AM Innovations to deliver improved situational awareness for first responders through vertical location.

TFT Releases New BLITZTAC™ Portable Monitor

Task Force Tips innovative BLITZTAC joins their product offerings with the fire service's best features.
Rioters at the scene of Wells Fargo in Minneapolis during 2020 civil unrest.

Twin Cities 911 Centers Develop Backup Plans as Chauvin Trial Looms

Metro area 911 leaders are boosting their communication and buying additional equipment in hopes of avoiding problems that hampered their response during riots last year.
Emergeny Reporting

Emergency Reporting Acquires Medusa Medical Technologies

Emergency Reporting has acquired Medusa Medical Technologies, which provides electronic patient care solutions to emergency response and EMS agencies around the world.
SimsUShare Mutual Aid

SimsUshare Announces New Simulation Sharing Platform

SimsUshare Mutual Aid allows customers to easily share their quality simulations and then modify them to suit their local training needs.