Tempe (AZ) Takes Delivery of Rosenbauer’s GREEN Star Fuel Efficient Custom Pumper

The Tempe (AZ) Fire Department is placing in service a new concept custom pumper designed to save fuel, reduce maintenance cost, and have less impact on the environment by lessening the emissions released into the atmosphere.

According to Mark Simmons, Tempe’s Fire Chief, “The current economic climate has placed significant challenges on the city to manage the budget and sustain quality services. It is essential for the Tempe Fire Department to pursue innovative ways to deliver firefighters to fire, EMS and other calls for service in a more cost effective and environmentally friendly manner, without compromising safety and deployment standards.”

Rosenbauer’s General Division built Tempe Fire Department’s E271 with several fuel saving features engineered into the apparatus. The GREEN Star™ Idle Reduction Technology is a revolutionary, fully-integrated automatic engine control, which will turn off the main engine and start an auxiliary power unit (APU) once the engine sets idle for a programmed period of time. The main engine consumes about one gallon of fuel per hour and the APU will consume one quart of diesel fuel per hour. The APU is designed to run all emergency lights, scene lighting and the onboard A/C unit to keep the cab cool during the absence of the firefighting crew.

On average, 80% of the calls this engine will respond to are emergency medical, or non-pumping calls; therefore, it does not require the main engine to run. The APU greatly reduces routine maintenance on the main engine and extends the life of most of the fluids, thus reducing engine wear and keeps the main engine-hours to a minimum. The new EPA required Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is prone to increased plugging during idle time, and the cost of replacing one is several thousand dollars. In addition, the regeneration interval, which can sometimes hinder pumping operations, will be greatly extended. 

This new engine is slightly smaller than the traditional pumpers that Tempe purchases.  The horsepower rating on Tempe’s GREEN Star™ is 360 HP versus 500 HP on the standard cabs. This will result in fuel efficiency gains while en route and while in pumping operations. The cab dimensions are approximately 4” smaller in width and 8” shorter in length. The lighter weight allows for a smaller capacity front axle.

“We are pleased to partner with Rosenbauer America to design, build and evaluate a “right sized” municipal fire pumper,” said Chief Simmons. Tempe anticipates the pumper will significantly reduce the environmental impact of fire apparatus in both initial and operating costs while providing equal or enhanced capabilities for our firefighters.

Rosenbauer is a leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment. For mroe info, visit www.rosenbaueramerica.com/green_star/.

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