Tempest Technology Announces Award of Supplier Contract on pCom Powered Communications Trailers

Tempest Fireco Towers, LLC, announced it has been selected by Squire Tech Solutions, LLC, to be the preferred supplier of vertical towers for the pCom™ Powered Communication Trailer System.

Squire Tech Solutions is the leader in integrated mobile response communications solutions for Government and Corporate response markets and the developer of the pCom™ response trailer systems. The pCom™ mobile trailer system is a first of its kind 10-minute deployable power, communications, lighting, tower system.

Features include 10-day internal fuel, electronics rack bay with air ride and cooling/heating, large power generator, and an air tower system with multiple height and internal cable options for a variety of customer applications.

Tempest Fireco pneumatic telescoping towers will be integrated into every standard pCom 300 and 400 trailer product. “After completing a thorough evaluation of our tower suppliers, it quickly became apparent that we had a genuine partner and market leader in Tempest Fireco.” states Mark Davison, President of Squire Tech Solutions, LLC. “Our customers and integration partners require a versatile and durable tower system to support their lighting, radio, video, cellular, and other communications requirements.”

“Squire Techs’ pCom trailer products are exceptionally designed to take advantage of the different Fireco towers and fit them into a compact yet powerful response system”, reports Leroy Coffman, President of Tempest Fireco Towers, LLC. “The Fireco product line is a world leader in pneumatic towers and we look forward to working with Squire Tech to supply the product line to their customers and channel partners.”

For more Squire Tech Solutions or pCom™ Trailer information, visit www.SquireTechSolutions.com or call (877) 787 – 5111. For additional information on Tempest Fireco Towers, or to schedule a demo, please visit www.TempestFirecoTowers.com or call 800-346-2143.

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