Tempest Unveils Electric Special Operations Power Blower

Following one year since the introduction of the SP Power Blower and its exclusive Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Tempest has released a GFCI compatible, electric platform version of the fan, coined the SP VS.

First showcased at FDIC 2014, the SP VS bears the same design as its gasoline driven predecessor. The difference comes in the power: Torqued by a large 2.0 HP electric motor and controlled by Tempest’s latest VS (Variable Speed) Drive. The drive, which is also a recent development from the company, is both GFCI compatible and NEMA 4 rated. Only two controls are needed to operate the unit, an ON/OFF switch and a 0 – 100% output rheostat knob. Built specifically for convenience and simplicity, this ensures the unit can be deployed quickly and operated safely by just about anyone.

Like the original Special Operations Power Blower, the SP VS produces the line’s signature laminar air flow, or LAF. Differing from traditional cone air flow (CAF), the laminar air pattern shines in unique ventilation scenarios such as multi-story high-rises, stairwells, commercial structures (>5,000 sq. ft.) and complex structures. With LAF’s tighter, more focused air output, it’s also capable of creating the door seal necessary for conducting PPV from a further set back. An increased set back helps to lower dB levels heard within the structure and frees up space near the point of egress.

“This is an exciting addition to our product line where we combine the benefits of an electric blower with capabilities of our Laminar Air Flow,” says Johan Gidstedt, President at Tempest Technology Corp.

For more information on the SP VS or any of Tempest Technology Corp.’s products and services, you can visit their website at www.tempest.us.com or reach them at 800.346.2143 or response@tempest.us.com.


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