Introduces New Footwear from Thorogood knows hours on your feet can really wear you down and cause discomfort and even pain. The newest professional grade footwear from Thorogood addresses several key factors that can relieve your feet and allow you to focus on firefighting instead of your sore feet.

When it comes to high-performance uniform footwear, the GEN-flex2 boots meet and exceed the demands for maximum comfort and performance of public safety personnel. With the addition of shock-absorbing VGS-300 technology, the GEN-flex2 represents a new level of achievement in uniform boot design. Every GEN-flex2 boot is all about comfort. GEN-flex2 and Visible Gel System (VGS) Technology combine premium materials with an exclusive, net fit flexible welt construction for maximum comfort.

Thorogood’s VGS technology is designed to absorb an astonishing 300 foot pounds per square inch (compared with 75 in other footwear brands). The interactive cushioning design of the VGS improves comfort and reduces repetitive impact stress where it’s needed most–in the heel.

The GEN-flex2 collection includes four 8-inch models to choose from including a Trooper, Tactical, and Jump boot, all with side-zip closures. A 6-inch Tactical model is also available for those who prefer a lower cut boot.

All GEN-flex2 boots are job fitted for maximum performance. Tread designs, cushioning levels, moisture management, and protective features are specifically engineered for the demands of the task at hand. Being able to rely on your equipment can be crucial for any public safety professional. Thorogood has your back so you can focus on the task at hand not your sore, tired feet.

If your daily routine finds you in a variety of treacherous work environments that require maximum traction and stability on hard work surfaces, Thorogood’s Exclusive Athletic Slip-Resisting (ASR) uniform boots and shoes are for you. The ASR’s combination of true high-performance athletic comfort and slip-resisting features lets you move freely and securely in the most demanding environments.
The ASR collection includes both a 6-inch and 8-inch, side zip, leather and nylon station boot. Two low-rise shoes are also available; the black leather Oxford and Slip-On shoe.

All of Thorogood’s ASR products feature a specially formulated dual-density rubber sole compound that was derived specifically for treacherous work environments. This formulation, combined with the exclusive tread pattern, ensure maximum traction in the work place.

A soft, thick, removable cushioned insole comforts your foot while providing constant contact with the outsole’s traction performance. The true, 100-percent, non-metallic construction helps minimize the chance of marking/scratching work surfaces and will not activate security screening devices.

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