TL-9 Stabilizer Helps Firefighters Maximize Stability

Extrication tool with stabilizer

The TL-9 Stabilizer was designed by firefighters for firefighters! It allows you to perform a lift with your hydraulic spreader in a quick, efficient, and stable manner.

TL-9 Stabilizer

The TL-9 Stabilizer allows for a rapid lift with maximum stabilization:

  • Constructed with ½ inch AS-36 Steel
  • Compression tested to 50 tons
  • Works will all hydraulic spreader units
  • Custom made to fit your spreader within an 1/8 of an inch
  • Rapid set-up and operational time, user friendly, extremely efficient, safe and simple to operate

Yonkers (NY) Firefighters Rescue Girl Pinned Beneath Vehicle

Solid construction features provide for unparalleled lateral stability when compared to any other setup of this nature.

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