Tractor Trailer Splits Virginia Fire Truck in Accident

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A North Carolina man faces charges in an accident involving a tractor trailer, a fire truck and a Dinwiddie Sheriff’s Office vehicle on I-85,

Police have charged Lonnie Mixter of Highpoint, NC with reckless driving after his tractor trailer struck the fire truck, causing it to hit the sheriff’s deputy car and split in half.

A firefighter on scene said crews first responded to an accident involving a semi-truck at about 1:30 a.m.  Police say that a fire truck and a sheriff’s deputy car were blocking off the right lane on I-85 by mile marker 43 when they noticed a 2013 Volvo tractor trailer approaching and saw that it was not slowing down. The tractor trailer then struck the firetruck, causing it to hit the deputy vehicle. The tractor trailer continued on, taking out more than 200 feet of guardrail before it overturned on its left side.


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