Training Officer’s Toolbox: Computer-Based Training

A firefighter delivers training in an Internet video.

By Brian Ward

In our previous training bulletin, “Generations,” we discussed how to involve different generations of firefighters and manage their diverse skill sets.

One of the methods for doing this is to leverage the strengths of your Gen X and Y firefighters, which is technology. Discuss with your crews the pros and cons of using technology. There are many benefits, however do not fall into the trap where it becomes your everything.

As for the training chiefs, consider how you are collecting and storing records, and learning management platforms for delivering instruction.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE (372 KB).

BRIAN WARD is chief of emergency operations for Georgia Pacific–Madison, Georgia. He serves on the ISFSI board of directors and is a lead live fire credentialing instructor. He was the past Chairman of the Metro Atlanta Training Officers Association and is currently the Everyone Goes Home State of Georgia Advocate. He has a bachelor’s degree in safety and technology engineering, is a member of Georgia Smoke Diver #741, and is the founder of

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