Training Officer’s Toolbox: More Tactical Decision Games

By Brian Ward

Following up from our previous Tactical Decision Game, this TDG is designed to work with your current standard operating procedures.

Place the paper on the table face down and then allow them 90 seconds to determine what they would say and do.

The key here is to critique the actions and ensure your crew is thinking on the same page.

Join Brian at FDIC for his “Developing Tactical Decision Games” workshop. He will teach the nuts and bolts of the TDG process.  

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Download this week’s drill as a PDF HERE (244 KB).


BRIAN WARD is chief of emergency operations for Georgia Pacific–Madison, Georgia. He serves on the ISFSI board of directors and is a lead live fire credentialing instructor. He was the past Chairman of the Metro Atlanta Training Officers Association and is currently the Everyone Goes Home State of Georgia Advocate. He has a bachelor’s degree in safety and technology engineering, is a member of Georgia Smoke Diver #741, and is the founder of



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