Trio of LTC and Smeal Aerials Headed to Ewing Township (NJ)

Ladder Tower Co. (LTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Smeal Fire Apparatus Co., announced today that Ewing Township, New Jersey, has ordered for its three fire departments three different aerials: a 54-foot Squrt(r) Articulating Water Tower, a 65-foot TeleSqurt(r) Telescoping Boom-Ladder and a SmealTM 100-foot rear mount platform.  New Jersey Emergency Vehicles, Smeal’s New Jersey dealer, sold the apparatus and provides warranty and service support for all three departments.  

“Smeal and LTC’s expertise in engineering and manufacturing world-class aerial apparatus has been reaffirmed with this single order for three very different aerial devices for the fire departments of Ewing Township.  We very much appreciate their strong interest in revitalizing their aerial fleet with this trio of high performance aerial apparatus.  The Smeal rear-mount platform design has proven itself over decades of reliable service, and both the TeleSqurt and Squrt aerial offer unique advantages and capabilities not found in any other aerial apparatus,” said Jeff Wegner, vice president of sales for LTC and Smeal Fire Apparatus Co.  “There is also the added benefit of dealing with a single source for technical support, warranty and service throughout the long life of these apparatus.”

The Aerials

The 54-foot Squrt Articulating Water Tower provides unmatched ability to position a master stream over or under obstructions exactly where it is needed.  It features a 1,000-gpm articulating boom, 750 gallons of water, a 30-gallon Class B foam cell and 2,000-gpm Waterous pump.  It has a low overall travel height of 10’8″ and a narrow, 11’9″ stabilizer spread for fast, easy set-up on scene.  This Squrt is outfitted with with Smeal’s QL-12 peer-to-peer electrical system and new, advanced controls.  Prospect Heights Volunteer Fire Co. #1, which is led by Fire Chief Tom Leese, is replacing a 24-year-old Squrt that will be retired once the new one arrives. 

“The new construction methods, with light-weight, truss construction, have created even more demand for the Squrt, which provides a master stream that can be placed exactly where it’s needed, without putting firefighters in harm’s way,” explained Wegner.

The 65-foot TeleSqurt Telescoping Boom-Ladder will ride on a six-person Smeal Sirius custom fire chassis with 450-horsepower engine.  This three-section boom provides excellent reach with a short bedded length, short wheelbase and a minimal overhang.  It features a stabilizer spread of just 11’9″ that allows setup in narrow streets, alleys and cul-de-sacs.  It will be equipped with 2,000-gpm Hale midship pump and 500-gallon water tank.  This unit will be put in service with Pennington Road Fire Co., which is led by Fire Chief Steve Luck, and will replace another TeleSqurt. 

The new Smeal 100-foot rear mount platform provides 98 feet of horizontal reach, and is rated at 1,250 pounds dry and 500 pounds while flowing 2,000 gallons per minute.  It features a continuous handrail from the ladder to the platform basket to protect firefighters when entering, and offers 21.5 square feet of working space inside the basket.  Four H-style stabilizers are standard.  This aerial will be equipped with a 2,000-gpm Hale pump, 400-gallon water tank, and Smeal’s exclusive Ergonomic Hose Loader (EHL) to carry 1,000 feet of 5-inch hose.  This unit will be delivered to West Trenton Fire Department, which is led by Chief Ralf Brandmaier.

Each of the aerials will be built on a six-person Smeal Sirius fire chassis, and all feature Smeal’s proprietary QL-12TM peer-to-peer electrical system for enhanced reliability.

Delivery of the apparatus is scheduled to begin in early 2016.  

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