Turtle Plastics Releases New Improved Hose Bridge

Turtle Plastics has just released their NEW IMPROVED Hose Bridge!  The standard Hose Bridge accepts up to 6 hoses including two 5” hoses.  An insert can accept up to two 6” or 8” hoses.

The new bridge is even stronger than its predecessor rated at 14,000+ pounds per axel.  There is also a new VLS (vehicle lifting system) which allows dome low slung vehicles to also clear the bridge.

The Hose Bridge can be had as a single walking ramp, duel vehicle ramps or a giant speed bump style.

As always, all Turtle Plastics products are made from recycled plastic.

For more information please contact Turtle Plastics at (800) 756-6635, Ext. 211 or at their web site at www.turtleplastics.com

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