Two South Africa Firefighters Killed in Line of Duty

Two firefighters have died hours apart while battling a fire in a seven-story building situated on the corner of Small and Market streets in the Johannesburg CBD, reports

Johannesburg Emergency Management Services spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said emergency units were called to the scene around 8 p.m. on Saturday to attend to the fire.

Six fire trucks and 30 firefighters attended to the scene.

The two firefighters died in the basement of the business premises early on Sunday morning.

“The cause of death has not been established yet, but I can confirmed that two of our colleagues were found dead at the building’s basement. An investigation has been launched and we will release the names of the deceased after we have informed their families,” said Mulaudzi.

The fire has been contained. The building’s owner has not yet been traced, said Mulaudzi, and the cause of the fire was being investigated.

In a statement on Sunday morning, ER24 confirmed the deaths of the firefighters and expressed condolences to their family, friends and colleagues.

“Sadly, two firefighters lost their lives when they were busy fighting a structural fire (in the) Johannesburg CBD. ER24 paramedics were called to the scene to assist when reports were received of firefighters being injured.

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