Texas Firefighters Employ Exit Device at Recent Fire

Community Volunteer Fire Department member operates a ventilation fan at the door of a fire scene.

Lauralee Veitch of the Community Volunteer Fire Department in Houston, Texas, shared some photos of members operating at two recent fires.


The photos, linked above, show firefighters performing ventilation and making use of the department’s new Target Exit Device (TED).

“This TED device gives both a visual and audio queue to were the point of egress is,” Veitch wrote. She said this model has a remote control to allow command to activate the audible and visual cue. The department places the TED at the front door while firefighters are entering a structure. The device came into play when the department experienced a Mayday with two firefighters becoming disoriented and losing their way at a two-story house fire. 

The photos in the above sequence are from incidents that occurred in late June 2015. The TED pics were taken at an attic fire and the ventilation and damage photos were taken at a kitchen fire.

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