UL Fire Safety Journal 2

For more than a century, Underwriters Laboratories has advanced Fire Safety with the goals of helping to prevent fires, injury and loss of life, and minimize property damage.   Advances in materials, design and construction techniques offer new benefits but also present new challenges and risks, making fire more dangerous today than in the past.  From detection and reaction to containment, suppression and prevention, Fire Safety represents an increasingly complex ecosystem.  UL works with manufacturers, authorities, built environment professionals and the firefighter community to stay at the forefront, creating New Science to shape the future of Fire Safety. 

Inside Journal 2

In their Fire Safety Journal series you can learn about UL’s live burn experiments, computer modeling and statistical analysis — all reflecting Fire Safety challenges of today.

Wireless Charging of Electrical Vehicles

UL pioneered a methodology for testing wireless EV chargers. Leveraging our technical expertise and advanced engineering capabilities, we created new computational modeling techniques to gauge safety, compatibility and efficiency.

Advanced Computer Modeling

UL is using innovative techniques to understand and predict how materials behave. We focus on the behavior and structural response of steel fire doors and wood beams in a fire environment.

Stastically Predicting Electrical Arcing

UL engineers are using predictive modeling to help quantify risk and advance standards related to electrical arcing. We showcase a broad range of updates of arc-related research initiatives.

New Dynamics of Basement Fires

Basement fires are among the most dangerous. UL plays a critical role in examining the hazards associated with various types of residential flooring systems to better understand this risk.

A PDF version of UL’s New Science Fire Safety Journal is available at http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/newscience/firesafety/.  Once on the site select Issue 2 and enter your e-mail address to download your copy.


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