Researcher Develops Technology to Help Firefighters with Orientation Inside Structures

A researcher from the University of New Mexico is developing technology that can help firefighters with determining their location on the fireground, according to reports.

KRQE reports that Manish Bhattarai has developed a “Smart and Connected Firefighter System” that can augment firefighters’ situational awareness, help guiding them around obstacles and avoid becoming disoriented.

“It helps them to localize where are the doors, where are the windows, where are the victims, and which of the victims are in need,” said Bhattarai.

Bhattarai says sensors and body cameras will collect data at the scene and then use it to process and calculate the safest route. That information is then relayed to the firefighter through audio, telling members the best direction to take. He is working with the Santa Fe Fire Department to gather information for the project, which is still early in its development.

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