VIKING High-Tech Firefighter Hoods Narrow the Safety Gap

VIKING firefighter hood

Nomex® Nano Flex technology is the big news in VIKING’s new, triple-layered, yet super lightweight range of NFPA-compliant hoods that protect the head and neck area from heat and potentially dangerous particles.

There’s a clear gap between the protection offered by the FR (flame-resistant) knit hoods used today by many firefighters and the capabilities of modern high-tech fabrics. To narrow that gap VIKING Life- Saving Equipment has announced it is releasing a triple-layered, lightweight range of new firefighting hoods that make the most of revolutionary DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex material.

Combining protection and comfort

The new VIKING NFPA-compliant hoods are constructed with a paper-thin layer of DuPont™ Nomex® Nano-Flex between layers of comfortable viscose. On the one hand, DuPont’s innovative material acts as a barrier that filters out particles over 100 times smaller than the human eye can see – while simultaneously providing high breathability for maximum comfort. At the same time, the hoods provide a 25-percent improvement in thermal protection performance (TPP) compared with conventional FR knit materials. This means greater protection of the facial and neck region, where a hood is usually the single line of defense. At the same time the hood is designed to fit comfortably under the helmet.

“Using Nomex® Nano Flex in our firefighter hood composite structure provides improved particle barrier protection, especially around the neckline and upper jaw – areas that easily absorb chemicals,” says Lars Kersting, Global Fire Sales Director. “And the material’s incredibly lightweight keeps the hood comfortable despite the multi-layer design.”

Proven barrier performance

To test the hood’s particle-filtering performance, wear trials were conducted with hoods containing the Nomex® Nano Flex barrier sandwiched between the viscose layers on one half of the hood. After the wear trials, the hoods were turned inside out and inspected, and the numbers of particles penetrating the hood with then without the paper-thin Nomex® Nano Flex protective layer were compared. Results reflected up to 4 times improved particle barrier efficiency.

Nomex® Nano Flex is a specialty nonwoven textile made of submicron continuous fibers, providing a superior protective barrier. Moreover, heat and flame protection is inherent to the Nomex® fiber – meaning this capability can’t be washed away or worn out.

Founded in 1960, VIKING is a privately held market leader in maritime and fire safety with group headquarters in Denmark. The company provides essential firefighting and safety equipment for structural firefighting as well as marine and offshore applications.

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