Waterous announces new vehicle deliveries in South Africa

Waterous recently announced the delivery of several new firefighting vehicles in South Africa equipped with Waterous fire pumps. Eskom, the country’s electric utility company, received three firefighting vehicles to support power stations in the cities of Camden, Duvah, and Komati. Lanseria International Airport (LIA) received one airport rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicle to support all emergency disasters at the facility.

Produced by South African manufacturer Confeco, each of the three vehicles delivered to Eskom is equipped with a Waterous HL300 vehicle-mounted pump and a Waterous Round the Pump (RTP) foam proportioner. Designed specifically for international firefighting vehicles, the compact, rear-mounted pump features built-in high-pressure relief valves, and provides performance capabilities up to 400 L/min @ 40 bar.

Emergency personnel at Eskom ensure the safety of coal-fired power stations throughout South Africa. The new firefighting vehicles will be used to suppress fires resulting from burned out conveyor rollers transporting coal, and will additionally combat grass fires in the surrounding areas.

Also manufactured by Confeco, and constructed in compliance with the International Civic Aviation Organization (ICAO), the LIA ARFF vehicle features a Waterous vehicle-mounted CXVT pump. The CXVT, a single-stage, end-suction pump, provides remarkable performance capabilities up to 1250 GPM @ 150 PSI (4750 L/min @ 10.3 bar).

Emergency response personnel at LIA can use the truck for virtually any type of airport disaster or emergency situation. Also, the ARFF vehicle is suitable for combating structure and grass fires in and around the facility.

For more information about Waterous products and services, visit www.waterousco.com or call 651-450-5000.

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