Waterous High-Flow, High-Rise Pump Provides Ultimate Versatility

Waterous Company, in the fire suppression technology and manufacturing, offers the flexible ONE STEP CAFSystem, available in apparatus mounted or skid-mounted, providing high-flow and high-rise versatility in one pump. 
Utilizing a digital control system, the system automatically sends higher pressure to the discharge when the high-rise option is selected. This high level of pressure is ideally suited for high-rise buildings, such as office towers and apartment dwellings because it allows for compressed air foam to flow through the building’s standpipe to reach the floors within the building. 
“We conducted significant tests of the high-pressure feature,” said Gregg Geske, foam and CAFS product manager at Waterous. “After just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, there was sufficient pressure to reach critical areas of the building at 1100 feet, or the 85th floor, with high-quality CAFS.”
As well as the high-rise option, Waterous’ engineers programmed the digital control system to operate the ONE STEP CAFSystem in a high-flow mode. This selection is used when a monitor is used on an apparatus. 
“When the high-flow option is selected on the digital control panel, the system automatically closes all other discharges and provides the needed flow to the specified discharge,” Geske said.
The pump flows 200 GPM  (757 l/min) into the high-flow discharge.

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