Waterous Displays Aquis™ Ultraflow 300 GPM Foam Proportioner at FDIC

The proper foam. Everytime.

In industrial applications, high flow of water is needed to either douse a fire, decontaminate an area, or move large amounts of water in short period of time. With that need, Waterous developed the CRU-2 pump that produces 4,000 gpm (15,000 l/min). Many industrial applications also use Class B Foam. Industrial applications may use up to 12 discharges. Each discharge has an individual controller on the operator’s panel for both foam control and water flow. What makes the AQUIS ULTRAFLOW different is that you do not need individual controllers. All control is done through the Tellurus Digital Control Panel. This saves valuable panel space and cost since you do not need 24 individual controls. Also, what makes the AQUIS ULTRAFLOW standout is you can have up to 16 discharges. That is six more than the next closest competition.

Drop by Waterous’s FDIC International 2018 Booth #4720 to learn more about our pumps.

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