Webcast: Technology, Firefighters, and Safety

Bobby Halton, Kirk McKinzie, and Josh Burchick
Bobby Halton, Kirk McKinzie, and Josh Burchick

Join us for an upcoming open discussion with some fire service leaders on the subject of technological innovation and firefighting. On Thursday, September 17, 2020, join Bobby Halton, Kirk McKinzie, and Josh Burchick as they speak with Jason Traynor of MSA about “Technology & Safety in the Fire Service: The Impact of Innovation on Modern Firefighting.”

Firefighting has become more challenging than ever before, as firefighters must deal with increased heat loads, toxic substances and other physical challenges that make structural firefighting one of the most demanding professions. Being safely equipped – and with the latest technological advancements – can make all the difference in the world.

Join this live, virtual panel discussion between firefighters and industry experts to understand what role technology currently plays in the fire service, what gaps exist, and how manufacturers can continuously improve the choices available to firefighters.

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