West Texas Death Toll Raised to 14

The death toll from a horrific fertilizer plant explosion in West (TX) was raised to 14 Friday, after two additional bodies were found, reports NBC News.

Earlier Friday, Sen. John Cornyn said 60 people were still unaccounted for after one the worst American industrial accidents in recent years. But officials later said that the list of missing people that had been provided was “confusing.”

Mayor Tommy Muska said there are “a lot of displaced people,” so the list is misleading. Most — if not all of those missing — have been found, officials said, adding that they still do not have an accurate count of those who are still missing.

Approximately 200 people were injured and three rescue fire trucks were destroyed, Sgt. Jason Reyes Reyes said. Five volunteer firefighters and four emergency services workers are among the dead, officials said.

Reyes said at least 50 homes were damaged when the plant, which sits adjacent to a residential area, exploded.

Read more of the story here http://nbcnews.to/11sR18f

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