Wheeled Coach Introduces SecureAmp in its Vehicles

Wheeled Coach, an industry-leading manufacturer of emergency vehicles for over 45 years, announced that SecureAmp technology will be available on all Type I, III and Medium-Duty models.

The SecureAmp technology ensures that the batteries are protected by automatically disconnecting parasitic loads once the voltage drops below a certain threshold. If a Wheeled Coach emergency vehicle is sitting without the engine running, SecureAmp will ensure that the battery is safeguarded, and that the engine will turn over when the paramedics or EMTs need to answer their next call.

“Wheeled Coach ambulances are built to perform under the most demanding conditions and serve those who answer the call,” said Daniel McLaughlin, Director of Sales for Wheeled Coach. “We are delighted to provide the SecureAmp technology to our customers, which ensures their vehicles’ batteries are protected.”

For more information, please visit https://www.wheeledcoach.com/

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