Will-Burt to Debut Mobile Sentry at FDIC International 2021

Will-Burt Mobile Sentry

The Mobile Sentry tethered aerial system (TAS) is an automated, quick-deploy, tethered drone system capable of delivering scene lighting, enhanced visual surveillance, and telecommunications. The Will-Burt Company will be conducting live demonstrations of the Mobile Sentry TAS at the FDIC International exhibition held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from August 2-7, 2021.

With autonomous launch, flight, and landing features, personnel can be designated to critical tasks requiring more diligence rather than piloting and flight monitoring. Reaching an elevation up to 150 feet / 45 meters, the TAS provides wide area coverage of the emergency scene. Interchangeable and multi-payload capabilities including thermal sensors, video tracking and license plate reading, communication devices, LED lights, and EO cameras allow the Mobile Sentry to be tailored for multiple scenarios. Mobile Sentry is a lightweight, man-portable tethered drone system with portable or vehicle base stations available.

Richard Lewin, CEO and President of Will-Burt comments, “The progression of elevation solutions from Will-Burt is revolutionizing the industry with the latest technology available. Will-Burt is proud to be the first to provide high-powered scene lighting from a drone system designed specifically for first responders. This technology changes the way an operation is not only illuminated but also recorded for evidence and safety.”

After FDIC International, Will-Burt Sales Team will be available for live demonstrations of the Mobile Sentry system. Visit www.willburt.com for more information.

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