World’s First Rapid Sim-Builder App SimsUshare Now on iPhone, iPod Touch

CommandSim, an industry leader in software tools for fire and emergency services training, announced today another first for the fire training industry–its rapid fire training sim-builder app, SimsUshare Mobile, was recently approved for sale on the iPhone and iPod Touch, complementing its availability on the iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms.

“We are striving to make simulation-based training practical and affordable enough for every level in the emergency services industry,” remarked Jonathan Kaye, PhD, president of CommandSim. “The introduction of SimsUshare Mobile on the iPhone and iPod Touch means we now have the potential to help millions of responders worldwide use their local photos to create training experiences.”

SimsUshare can be used to enhance drills and tabletops with local buildings and structures, as well as to incorporate in promotional exams and all-hazards incident management (AHIMT) certification programs.

According to a recent customer survey, 100% of the respondents said they were “satisfied” with the product, with almost 75% of the respondents saying they were “very satisfied.” Customers specifically point to its ease-of-use and affordability, for example, “this is an excellent app to use in the station to get the dialogue going on tactics and strategies‚Ķwithin 3-5 minutes you can have a residence puffing smoke from the eaves”, and “this is a very, very good app at a very reasonable price.”

Lt. Jim Murphy (Ret.), Director of Training for CommandSim and 32-year veteran of Orange County Fire Rescue (Winter Park, FL) explains “I’ve seen firsthand how simulations truly make a difference on the fireground, but the typical time and expense in creating them has been an obstacle in their widespread adoption and use. With an affordable solution like SimsUshare Mobile operating across a range of devices, now virtually everyone can bring the benefits of simulation into the classroom–and take those lessons out to the field.”

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About CommandSim

CommandSim is an award-winning division of Equipment Simulations LLC, a technology company based in Philadelphia that creates products to help instructors use virtual simulation technology for building better leaders and teams. Its latest product is a rapid simulation-builder application, SimsUshare Mobile and Desktop, which enables everyone to create and use fire training simulations, not just one or two in each organization. The company also produces software for multiplayer training exercises, allowing participants to remain in their station while participating in exercises, without requiring cumbersome software installs or ‘per seat’ licenses. CommandSim software is widespread across the US and Canada, as well as powering online simulations used by many thousands per month.

CommandSim simulations for Fire Engineering readers are available at

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